What is an On Board Courier?

What is an On Board Courier (OBC)?

An On Board Courier (OBC) is a specialized logistics service that involves the hand carry transport of important or time-sensitive items from one location to another.

Unlike traditional shipping methods, OBC relies on a dedicated courier who personally carries the goods during the entire journey, ensuring secure and expedited delivery.

The key features of OBC include real-time monitoring, high security, and a focus on immediate transportation, making it a preferred choice for transporting valuable or urgently needed items in various industries, including healthcare, high-tech, legal, and finance.

How On Board Courier Works

The On Board Courier (OBC) service operates through a well-organized and expedited process to ensure the secure and timely hand carry transport of important items.

Here's a breakdown of how OBC typically works:

  1. Client Contact and Information Gathering
  2. Assignment of a Dedicated Courier
  3. Immediate Departure and Continuous Communication
  4. Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking
  5. Secure Hand Delivery
  6. Confirmation and Documentation

The Role of OBC in Global Trade

In today's globalized business environment, OBC plays a crucial role. It not only expedites global supply chains but also provides a reliable solution for emergency situations and time-sensitive tasks. Whether it's pharmaceuticals, high-tech equipment, or other high-value goods, OBC serves as an irreplaceable choice in international trade across various industries.

Applications of OBC

OBC finds widespread applications across different industries. In the medical sector, it is frequently employed for the urgent transport of medications. For instance, in emergency medical aid, OBC swiftly delivers critically needed drugs from production sites to patients, saving invaluable time.

In the high-tech sector, OBC ensures the timely delivery of essential technical equipment. Whether it's samples of new products or crucial components, OBC facilitates rapid transportation through hand carry, guaranteeing the smooth operation of production lines.

Other industries, including legal and finance, regularly utilize OBC services. Law firms may require the prompt delivery of contract documents, while financial institutions may need to securely deliver sensitive files to international branches. OBC meets these industries' demands for fast and secure deliveries through its flexible and efficient service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Q: How does OBC differ from regular courier services?

A: OBC utilizes hand carry services with professional couriers personally carrying the items, ensuring higher security and immediate delivery, distinguishing it from regular courier services.

2. Q: How is the cost of OBC calculated?

A: The cost of OBC is typically calculated based on factors such as the urgency of the goods, destination, weight, and value, resulting in higher fees due to the guarantee of fast and secure delivery.

3. Q: Does OBC provide global coverage?

A: Yes, Our OBC service providers offer global services, covering nearly all countries and regions.

4. Q: How does OBC ensure the safety of goods?

A: OBC ensures the safety of goods through the use of real-time tracking systems, advanced security measures, and professional couriers, guaranteeing the security of items throughout the transportation process.

5. Q: Is OBC suitable for individual users?

A: Yes, individual users can also utilize OBC services, especially in situations requiring urgent deliveries, such as document signings or urgently needed medications.

If you have further inquiries, feel free to contact our customer service team.

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