Privacy Policy

Shanghai BaiYue Aviation Service International Logistics Co., Ltd (BaiYue) places great importance on the correct handling of your personal data. Our privacy statement aims to provide you with clear and transparent information about how BaiYue processes and uses your data.

  1. This privacy statement outlines the purposes for processing and using your data.
  2. We collect only the necessary personal data required for these purposes.
  3. Appropriate security measures are implemented to safeguard your data, and we demand the same from parties processing your data on our behalf.
  4. Your personal data is processed to fulfill our business activities.
  5. We respect your right to (re)view, change, or delete your data upon your request. The responsible organization for processing personal data is Shanghai BaiYue Aviation Service International Logistics Co., Ltd.
  6. Examples of personal data we collect and process include name, company, title, email address, and (cell)phone number for the purpose of conducting our business.
  7. Your personal data will not be published or shared with third parties unless necessary for providing BaiYue's products and services.

Purposes for processing your personal data

  1. To inform you of BaiYue's activities (products and services) via email or phone.
  2. When you personally contact BaiYue by phone, email, social media, or the BaiYue website.
  3. When you become a BaiYue customer or supplier.
  4. When you subscribe to BaiYue's newsletter.
  5. For internal analysis of process optimization, development of products or services, and market research.

Newsletter and email

BaiYue occasionally sends newsletters and/or emails to inform you of new developments, products, or services. Upon your request, BaiYue will promptly delete your email address for this purpose. If you request deletion via email, we will retain your email address only as long as necessary to fulfill your request.

Modification of this privacy statement

BaiYue reserves the right to modify the privacy statement and cookie policy without notification. We recommend checking this page regularly for any changes. In the case of significant modifications affecting how we process your personal data, we will notify you via email.


For questions, (re)view of your personal data, or requests for deleting or changing your personal data, please email us at: [email protected].

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