Cross Border Trucking

China ⇌ Hong Kong

Cross Border Trucking

Cross Border Trucking Service from China to HK

One-stop dedicated logistics service for Mainland China & Hong Kong 13 years of experience, door-to-door services for a secure and worry-free experience.

BaiYueLogistics is your reliable partner for China HK Cross Border Trucking

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Cross-Border Trucking Services Between China and Hong Kong

BaiYueLogistics boasts a China-Hong Kong transportation fleet comprising self-owned container trucks and a variety of other truck types.

With over 10 years of expertise in China-Hong Kong transportation, we offer comprehensive logistics services, including transportation, customs declaration, and warehousing for goods entering and exiting Hong Kong.

Our dedicated China-Hong Kong transportation fleet and customs declaration team ensure that you can confidently rely on our services.

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Cross Border Trucking

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Cross Border Trucking

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Cross Border Trucking

Cross Border Trucking

China-Hongkong Cross Border Trucking, one-stop service, simple, convenient, and fast operation.

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Cross Border Trucking
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