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What is an Onboard Courier or OBC?

An On Board Courier (OBC) or Hand Carry Service is a specialized logistics solution where a dedicated courier personally accompanies and hand-carries a shipment from the point of origin to the final destination. On Board Courier service is often utilized for highly time-sensitive, valuable, or confidential items that require immediate and secure transportation.

How long do I get support?

We offer 24/7/365 service worldwide.Typically we make a quotation withhin 30 minutes.

How do you ship my order?

On-board courier (OBC) services involve the dedicated transport of time-sensitive and valuable items by a courier who accompanies the shipment throughout its journey. The process includes booking the service, assigning a courier, preparing documentation, hand-carrying the shipment, implementing security measures, managing customs clearance if applicable, and ensuring the final delivery to the recipient. Real-time tracking and confirmation/reporting are integral parts of the service.

Do you provide any tracking?

Our specialized Onboard Courier Team will provide continuous tracking updates at every stage of the delivery process. You have the flexibility to receive progress notifications as frequently as you prefer. The OBC Team maintains communication with the Onboard Courier throughout the journey, utilizing advanced flight tracking software to monitor flights. All pertinent information will be communicated to the client, and a tracking number will be issued for easy monitoring of the consignment, including status updates.

How much does On Board Courier cost?

The cost of On-Board Courier (OBC) services varies based on factors such as the distance and destination, urgency, mode of transportation, courier accommodation, customs requirements, insurance, and the service provider's pricing structure. International or time-sensitive shipments, private charters, and additional services may increase costs. Please keep in mind that OBC services are generally more expensive due to their personalized and expedited nature.

What can i send by On Board Courier?

An On Board Courier (OBC) service is ideal for transporting time-sensitive, valuable, or confidential items that require special attention and rapid delivery. Examples of items commonly sent via OBC include critical documents, valuables like jewelry, pharmaceuticals, electronics, perishable goods, aerospace components, fashion products, prototypes, confidential information, and time-sensitive shipments.

What is door-to-door?

Our On Board Courier service ensures collection from your premise by our diplomat who will then be making delivery to your customer or clients premises worldwide.

What can not be sent by On Board Courier?

No dangerous goods are permitted, but acceptable commodities encompass automotive components, aerospace parts, confidential documents, electronics, fashion items, and medical samples. However, high value items are not recommended for On Board Courier (OBC) services due to insurance limitations.

What are the differences between On Board Courier and traditional shipping methods??

On Board Courier (OBC) differs significantly from traditional shipping methods due to its emphasis on speed, security, and personalized service. OBC offers rapid, often same-day or next-day delivery with a dedicated courier personally accompanying the shipment. It is designed for time-sensitive and urgent shipments, providing enhanced security, real-time tracking, and global reach for international deliveries. OBC services are highly customizable and suitable for high-value or confidential items. While OBC is more expensive than traditional methods, it caters to situations where immediate delivery and a hands-on approach are crucial. Traditional shipping methods, on the other hand, are better suited for less time-sensitive cargo with longer lead times.
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