Are there any weight restrictions on items that can be transported by on board courier services within China?

On board courier services within China may impose specific weight limitations on items that can be transported. These weight restrictions vary depending on the courier company and the mode of transportation being used for delivery.

In general, on board courier services prioritize the transportation of small and valuable items that require urgent delivery. As a result, they may have weight restrictions in place to ensure prompt and reliable delivery times. These weight restrictions are usually communicated by the courier service when booking the delivery.

The specific weight limitations can vary greatly. Some courier companies may have a maximum weight restriction of 5 kg, while others can accommodate larger items up to 20 kg or more. The weight limitations are typically set to ensure that the courier can easily carry and transport the item by hand or in carry-on luggage.

It is important to note that the weight restrictions may also depend on the mode of transportation being used for delivery. For example, if the on board courier service is utilizing commercial flights, there might be additional weight limitations imposed by the airline.

To ensure a smooth and successful delivery, it is advisable to check with the chosen on board courier service regarding their specific weight limitations. Providing accurate information about the weight and size of the item will help determine if it can be transported by their services within China.

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