Are there any weight or size limitations when shipping through Next Flight Out service for air freight?

Yes, there are weight and size limitations when shipping through Next Flight Out (NFO) service for air freight. These limitations vary depending on the airline, aircraft used, and specific route.

Weight Limitations:
Most airlines have weight restrictions for air freight shipments. These restrictions typically range from a few kilograms to several tons. It is important to check with the specific airline or freight forwarder to determine the maximum weight allowed for NFO shipments. In general, heavier shipments may require special arrangements or equipment.

Size Limitations:
Air freight shipments also have size limitations due to the dimensions of aircraft cargo holds and door openings. The maximum length, width, and height of the shipment must be considered. Oversized shipments may require special handling, additional charges, or even dedicated cargo aircraft.

It is worth noting that weight and size limitations can vary significantly between passenger aircraft and dedicated cargo aircraft. Dedicated cargo planes are typically capable of accommodating larger and heavier shipments compared to passenger planes, which primarily carry cargo in their belly holds.

To ensure compliance with weight and size restrictions, it is best to consult with the airline or freight forwarder directly before arranging an NFO shipment. They can provide specific guidelines and options based on the desired destination and cargo characteristics.

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