What measures do on board courier services in China take to verify the identity of recipients upon delivery?

On board courier services in China follow strict protocols to verify the identity of recipients upon delivery, ensuring that the items reach the intended individuals. These measures typically include the following:

1. ID Verification: The courier will ask the recipient to present valid identification documents, such as an ID card or passport. They will compare the details on the provided ID with the recipient's name on the delivery package.

2. Signature Confirmation: The courier will require the recipient to sign a delivery confirmation document. The signature will be compared to the one on the ID document to ensure a match.

3. Face-to-Face Verification: The courier may also visually compare the recipient's appearance with the photo on their identification document to confirm their identity.

4. Confirmation Calls: In some cases, the courier may make a confirmation call to the recipient before delivery, asking for specific information or instructions to further verify their identity.

5. Delivery PIN/Password: For high-security deliveries or sensitive items, the courier may provide a unique delivery PIN or password to the recipient. This code will only be given to the intended recipient and will be required during the delivery to ensure proper identity verification.

6. Authorized Personnel Verification: In certain situations, the courier service may only deliver the package to authorized personnel within an organization or company. They may request verification of the recipient's position or authorization through official documentation or contact with a designated person.

By implementing these protocols, on board courier services in China aim to prevent delivery to unauthorized individuals, ensuring the secure and proper delivery of items to their intended recipients.

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