How can individuals or businesses check the status of their shipments with on board courier services in China?

To check the status of shipments with on board courier services in China, individuals or businesses can use the following means or platforms:

1. Online Tracking: Most on board courier services offer online tracking systems. Individuals or businesses can visit the courier company's website and enter the tracking number provided at the time of shipment. This will provide real-time updates on the location and status of the package.

2. Mobile Apps: Some courier companies have mobile applications that allow users to track their shipments. These apps can be downloaded from app stores onto smartphones or tablets, allowing easy access to shipment tracking information.

3. Customer Service: Individuals or businesses can contact the courier company's customer service helpline to inquire about the status of their shipments. Customer service representatives can provide updates or clarify any concerns regarding the shipment.

4. Email or SMS Notifications: Many courier services send email or SMS notifications with tracking details and updates. Individuals or businesses can check their email or messages regularly to stay informed about the shipment's progress.

5. Third-party Tracking Websites: There are independent tracking websites, such as or Ship24, where individuals or businesses can enter the tracking number to check the status of their shipment. These websites compile tracking information from various courier companies to provide a centralized platform for tracking.

It is recommended to keep the tracking number provided during shipment handy, as it serves as an essential reference for tracking the status of the shipment.

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