What measures do on board courier services in China take to prevent tampering or unauthorized access to shipped items?

On board courier services in China implement several security measures to prevent tampering or unauthorized access to shipped items. Some of these measures include:

1. Physical security: On board courier services ensure the physical security of the items by safely storing them in tamper-proof packaging or containers. They may also use seals or locks to prevent unauthorized access to the packages.

2. GPS tracking: To monitor the location and movement of the shipped items, on board courier services may use GPS tracking technology. This allows them to track the packages throughout their journey and ensures that they are not diverted or tampered with during transit.

3. Chain of custody: On board courier services maintain a chain of custody for each shipment, recording the details of the individuals who handle the packages at every stage of the transport process. This helps establish accountability and ensures that only authorized personnel access the items.

4. Background checks: On board courier services often conduct comprehensive background checks on their employees to ensure their trustworthiness and reliability. This helps in minimizing the risk of internal tampering or unauthorized access to the shipped items.

5. Strict access control: The facilities and vehicles used by on board courier services are secured with strict access control measures. This includes restricted access to authorized personnel only, surveillance systems, and security personnel to prevent unauthorized entry and tampering.

6. Secure handling procedures: On board courier services follow secure handling procedures to minimize the risk of tampering. This includes training their personnel on proper handling techniques and implementing protocols for the secure handling and transport of sensitive or high-value items.

7. Quality control checks: On board courier services may conduct quality control checks at various stages of the shipment process. These checks may include verifying the condition of the packages, inspecting seals, and ensuring that the items match the documented records.

By implementing these security measures, on board courier services in China aim to ensure the integrity and safety of the shipped items, providing customers with a secure and reliable service.

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