Can on board courier services in China handle items requiring specialized handling equipment or vehicles?

On board courier services in China may or may not possess the necessary handling equipment or vehicles to transport items requiring specialized attention. This depends on the specific courier service and the type of items being transported.

Some on board courier services in China may have access to specialized handling equipment or vehicles for transporting items that require it. For example, if the items being transported are large and heavy, such as industrial machinery or equipment, the courier service may have trucks or vans equipped with appropriate lifting or securing mechanisms.

However, it is important to note that most on board courier services in China primarily focus on transporting time-sensitive and valuable items, such as important documents or small packages. They are not typically specialized in handling or transporting items that require specific equipment or vehicles.

For items requiring specialized attention or equipment, it is advisable to consider specialized logistics or freight forwarding services in China. These companies often have the necessary infrastructure, handling equipment, and vehicles to cater to different types of cargo, including items requiring specialized attention.

It is crucial to communicate the specific requirements of the items being transported to the courier service beforehand. This will help determine if they are equipped to handle the items or if alternative services should be sought to ensure proper transportation.

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