How can individuals or businesses book on board courier services in China?

There are several methods and platforms available for individuals or businesses in China to book on board courier services. These platforms facilitate the arrangement of shipping documentation and connecting couriers to individuals or businesses in need. Here are some popular options:

1. OBC agents or providers: Many specialized on board courier (OBC) agencies or providers exist in China that offer their services to individuals or businesses. These providers can be easily found through a search engine or business directories. Clients can directly contact these providers to discuss their requirements and book their services.

2. Freight forwarders and logistics companies: Freight forwarders and logistics companies in China often have tie-ups with OBC providers. They can assist individuals or businesses in arranging OBC services as part of their overall logistics solutions. These companies can be contacted directly or through their websites for booking OBC services.

3. Online logistics platforms: Various online platforms in China provide logistics services, including on board courier services, through their websites or mobile applications. These platforms allow users to input their requirements and receive quotes from multiple OBC providers. Users can then compare prices and choose the provider that suits their needs. Some popular logistics platforms in China include YunQuNa (云途) and ZTO Express (中通快递).

4. WeChat or QQ groups: WeChat is a widely used messaging and social media platform in China. Many OBC providers or agents create specialized groups on WeChat or QQ (another popular messaging platform) to connect with potential clients. Individuals or businesses can search for these groups or get recommendations from their connections to find and book OBC services.

5. International OBC companies: There are also international OBC companies that operate in China and offer their services to individuals or businesses. These companies usually have a strong online presence, and individuals or businesses can book their services directly through their websites or by contacting their local representatives in China.

It is advisable to research and compare different options before booking on board courier services in China to ensure the most suitable service provider is chosen for specific needs and requirements.

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