How do on board courier services in China handle items requiring special handling or care, such as artwork or fragile items?

When it comes to handling delicate or high-value items like artwork or fragile items, on board courier services in China follow specialized protocols and handling procedures to ensure their safe transportation. These procedures include:

1. Packaging: The courier service will work closely with the client or the seller to ensure that the items are appropriately packaged for safe transport. High-value items are typically wrapped in special materials such as bubble wrap, foam, or custom-made protective cases. Artwork may also require additional measures like using acid-free materials or providing an extra layer of protection for the artwork surface.

2. Handling: Courier personnel are trained extensively in handling delicate and fragile items. They exercise caution and implement practices like lifting with care, avoiding unnecessary movements, and keeping items in a stable position throughout the transportation process.

3. Secure Transportation: On board courier services ensure secure transportation through various means. This includes utilizing secure and dedicated vehicles, employing GPS tracking to monitor the shipment's location, and implementing rigorous security checks at all stages of the journey.

4. Temperature and Humidity Control: Depending on the nature of the delicate item, temperature and humidity control may be necessary. Courier services employ specialized vehicles or containers that can maintain specific climate conditions to protect items that are sensitive to temperature or humidity changes.

5. Documentation and Insurance: Comprehensive documentation is crucial for delicate or high-value items. Courier services in China pay special attention to documenting items accurately and providing reliable tracking information. Additionally, they may offer insurance options to protect against unforeseen events or damages during transportation.

6. Direct Handling: To avoid potential damage, delicate or high-value items are often given priority and are not combined with other cargo. This ensures that they receive dedicated attention and are not subjected to excessive movement or risk of damage during transit.

7. Specialized Personnel: In some cases, on board courier services may employ personnel specifically trained in handling delicate items or high-value cargo. These individuals possess knowledge of art and fragile item handling techniques and can apply best practices to minimize risks.

Overall, on board courier services in China take multiple precautions to handle delicate or high-value items. By following specialized protocols, employing trained personnel, implementing secure transportation methods, and providing appropriate documentation, they strive to ensure the safe and secure transport of these items within the country.

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