Are on board courier services in China available internationally?

Yes, on board courier (OBC) services in China are available internationally. These services operate by engaging a courier who hand carries valuable or time-sensitive items on a flight to deliver them directly to the destination.

Several companies offer OBC services in China, and they have extensive global networks that allow them to operate internationally. These companies usually have partnerships and agreements with major airlines, enabling them to select optimal routes and arrange prompt delivery.

International OBC services from China primarily cater to the business sector, especially for urgent document delivery, supply chain management, and the transportation of high-value goods. Companies in industries such as manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and automotive often utilize these services to expedite shipments and ensure efficient logistics.

To avail of international OBC services from China, customers need to contact the service providers directly. The courier companies will then coordinate the logistics, including arranging for the pick-up of the items, liaising with the airlines for the hand-carry service, and ensuring secure delivery to the destination country.

Overall, the availability of international OBC services from China contributes to the global interconnectedness of supply chains and enables businesses to meet their time-critical delivery requirements.

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