How does the on board courier process work in China?

The on board courier (OBC) process in China usually follows these step-by-step procedures:

1. Booking: The client contacts the OBC service provider, providing all necessary information such as the departure and destination cities, the shipment details, and any special requirements.

2. Documentation: The OBC service provider checks and prepares all the required documentation for the shipment, including customs declaration forms, commercial invoices, and any other relevant paperwork.

3. Courier Selection: An experienced courier is assigned to the shipment based on factors such as the destination, language skills, and experience with handling specific types of shipments.

4. Courier Briefing: The courier receives detailed instructions regarding the shipment, including pick-up location, time constraints, transportation arrangements, and contact information.

5. Pick-up: The courier proceeds to the pick-up location to collect the shipment. They may carry specific items required for secure handling, such as tamper-proof bags or temperature-controlled containers for sensitive goods.

6. Documentation Check: The courier verifies that all the necessary documents and information are complete and accurate before departing from the pick-up location.

7. Airport Check-In: The courier proceeds to the airport with the shipment, ensuring compliance with airline regulations and security procedures. They may accompany the shipment as air cargo or on a passenger flight.

8. Flight Monitoring: The OBC service provider closely tracks the flight carrying the courier and the shipment to ensure a smooth journey and to manage any potential delays or changes.

9. Customs Clearance: Upon arrival at the destination airport, the courier follows the customs clearance procedures, presenting all the required documents for inspection and verification.

10. Delivery: Once cleared by customs, the OBC courier proceeds to the final destination, either by using local transportation or by arranging for a local courier service for the last-mile delivery.

11. Proof of Delivery: The courier obtains a proof of delivery, which may include a recipient signature or other relevant documentation, confirming that the shipment has been successfully delivered.

12. Reporting: The OBC service provider provides the client with detailed reports on the transit time, delivery confirmation, and any applicable tracking information, ensuring transparency and accountability.

These steps may vary slightly depending on the specific requirements of the client and the nature of the shipment, but they generally outline the process followed by on board courier services in China.

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