Can I bring my pet to China if it is currently undergoing treatment for a medical condition?

Yes, it is possible to bring a pet to China if it is undergoing treatment for a medical condition. However, there are certain limitations and requirements to be aware of.

1. Documentation: You will need to provide proper documentation from a licensed veterinarian stating the ongoing medical treatment, including any medications, medical history, and the reason for treatment.

2. Health Check: Your pet will need to undergo a health check by a veterinarian within 7 days before traveling to China. The vet will issue a health certificate confirming that your pet is fit to travel.

3. Import Permit: Applying for an import permit is necessary. Contact the appropriate Chinese authorities or consult with a professional pet relocation service to obtain the necessary permits and paperwork.

4. Quarantine: Depending on the animal health situation in your country of origin, your pet may be subject to quarantine upon arrival in China.

5. Transport: Choose an airline that allows pets on board, and ensure that you comply with their specific requirements.

It is recommended to check the most up-to-date regulations from the Chinese authorities or consult with professional pet relocation services to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process for bringing your pet to China.

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