How do On Board Courier services handle the transfer of packages between different airlines or flights?

On Board Courier (OBC) services have established procedures and protocols in place to handle the transfer of packages between different airlines or flights. Here are the general steps involved:

1. Pre-flight preparation: OBC services work closely with their clients to obtain all necessary information about the package, including its dimensions, weight, and any special handling requirements. They also coordinate with the sender and the recipient to ensure smooth transfer.

2. Security checks: OBC personnel ensure that the package complies with all necessary security regulations imposed by airlines and relevant authorities. This includes screening the package for prohibited items and verifying proper documentation.

3. Hand-carry transport: OBC couriers personally hand-carry the package throughout its journey. They collect the package directly from the sender and stay with it until it reaches the recipient. This minimizes the risk of loss, damage, or misplacement during transfer.

4. Flight coordination: OBC services carefully select the most suitable flights and airlines to transport the package based on factors like transit time, destination, and airline preferences. They ensure that the package is transferred onto connecting flights seamlessly.

5. Transit management: During layovers or transfer points, OBC couriers actively manage the package by following strict protocols. They remain responsible for the package at all times, ensuring its security, transit, and proper handling.

6. Documentation and customs: OBC services handle all necessary documentation, such as customs declarations or export/import requirements. They coordinate with relevant authorities and ensure that the package complies with all legal procedures and regulations.

7. Communication and tracking: OBC services maintain constant communication with their clients, updating them about the package's status, location, and estimated delivery time. Advanced tracking systems are also utilized to monitor the package's movement throughout its journey.

8. Delivery coordination: Once the package arrives at its final destination, OBC couriers liaise with the recipient to coordinate the final delivery. They ensure a smooth handover, collect any necessary signatures, and obtain proof of delivery.

Overall, On Board Courier services employ meticulous planning, communication, and coordination to transfer packages between different airlines or flights. By personally hand-carrying the packages and adhering to stringent protocols, they provide secure and reliable delivery services in the shortest possible timeframes.

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