Are there any priority categories for Next Flight Out shipments based on urgency?

Yes, there are priority categories for Next Flight Out (NFO) shipments based on urgency. These categories help identify the level of urgency when utilizing this service. Generally, there are three hierarchical levels of urgency for NFO shipments:

1. Priority 1: This category represents the highest level of urgency. It is used for shipments that require immediate delivery within the shortest possible time frame. These shipments are typically time-sensitive and critical, such as emergency medical supplies or highly valuable goods.

2. Priority 2: The second level of urgency is assigned to shipments that are important but don't require immediate delivery. These shipments have a moderate level of time sensitivity and are usually items like spare parts for machinery, necessary documents, or samples for urgent testing.

3. Priority 3: This category represents shipments with a relatively lower level of urgency. These are regular shipments that are not time-critical and can be scheduled for the next available flight. Examples include non-essential goods, routine paperwork, or items that are required in the near future but have some flexibility in delivery time.

These priorities help logistics providers and customers plan and manage the transportation of NFO shipments according to their urgency levels.

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