How do on board courier companies manage the capacity and size limitations of different transportation methods?

On board courier (OBC) companies face challenges when dealing with items that exceed the size or weight limitations of certain transportation modes. To handle such cases, OBC companies employ various strategies:

1. Network of Partners: OBC companies have a vast network of partners worldwide, including airlines, shipping companies, and ground transportation providers. When an item exceeds the capacity of a particular transportation method, they can rely on their partners to find alternative solutions.

2. Multiple Transportation Modes: OBC companies leverage the availability of multiple transportation modes such as air freight, ground transportation, and even chartered flights. If an item cannot be transported using a specific mode due to size or weight, they explore alternative modes within their network to ensure timely delivery.

3. Specialized Equipment: OBC companies often have access to specialized equipment or containers to accommodate oversized or heavy items. They may use heavy-duty containers, oversized vans, or even customized packaging solutions to meet the requirements of transportation modes.

4. Freight Consolidation: For items exceeding size limitations, OBC companies may opt for freight consolidation. They combine multiple smaller shipments into a single larger one that meets the transportation mode's size specifications. This allows them to effectively utilize the available capacity while complying with restrictions.

5. Route Planning: OBC companies carefully plan their routes to optimize the use of different transportation methods. By strategically selecting routes and connecting flights or transportation modes, they ensure that items requiring alternative transportation are seamlessly transferred without delays or disruptions.

6. Regulations and Documentation: OBC companies possess extensive knowledge of international regulations and documentation requirements for different transportation modes. They ensure that all necessary permits, customs documentation, and certifications are in place for oversized or heavy items, facilitating their smooth transportation.

7. Communication and Coordination: Efficient communication and coordination play a vital role in managing capacity and size limitations. OBC companies maintain constant contact with their partners, clients, and logistics teams to provide real-time updates and resolve any issues arising from oversized or heavy items during transit.

By employing these strategies, on board courier companies can navigate the capacity and size limitations of different transportation methods, ensuring the successful delivery of items that exceed the specifications of certain modes.

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