How do on board courier companies handle situations where delivery recipients are unavailable?

When an on board courier company is faced with a situation where the delivery recipient is unavailable, they typically follow certain procedures:

1. Contact Recipient: The courier company may try to contact the recipient using the contact information provided by the sender. They will attempt to reach the recipient via phone call, email, or any other means available to confirm if they are indeed unavailable to receive the delivery.

2. Alternative Contact: If the recipient cannot be reached, the courier company might inquire about an alternative contact person who can receive the delivery on behalf of the intended recipient. This could be a family member, colleague, or someone authorized by the recipient.

3. Leave a Notice: If there is no alternative contact available, the courier may leave a notice at the delivery location, informing the recipient about the unsuccessful delivery attempt. The notice might include instructions on how to rearrange the delivery or pickup.

4. Return to Sender: In some cases, if the delivery recipient remains unreachable even after attempting all possible communication and alternative contacts, the courier company may return the package to the sender. The return process might incur additional charges or require specific arrangements between the courier company and the sender.

It's important to note that specific procedures can vary between different on board courier companies. The best way to understand the exact protocol followed by a particular company would be to check their terms and conditions or contact them directly for more information.

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