What are the insurance options provided by on board courier companies?

On board courier companies typically provide insurance options to protect the value of transported goods. These options may vary depending on the specific company, but generally include:

1. Basic Liability Insurance: This is the most common type of insurance offered by on board courier companies. It provides coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged goods during transportation. However, the coverage limit may be limited and may not fully compensate for the actual value of the goods.

2. Extended Liability Insurance: Some companies offer additional coverage options to increase the liability limit. This may cover higher value items or provide a higher level of compensation for lost or damaged goods. Extended liability insurance usually requires an extra premium.

3. All Risk Insurance: This type of insurance offers comprehensive coverage for all risks related to the transportation of goods. It covers loss, theft, damage, and even accidental breakage. All risk insurance provides greater protection but can be more costly.

4. Specialized Insurance: Certain on board courier companies also offer specialized insurance options based on the type of goods being transported. For example, if you are shipping valuable artwork, antique items, or perishable goods, the company may offer specific insurance coverage tailored to these items.

It is important to carefully review and understand the insurance coverage options provided by the on board courier company before engaging their services. Additionally, you may want to assess the value of the goods being transported and consider purchasing additional insurance if the provided coverage is insufficient to protect their full value.

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