What technologies are utilized by on board courier companies to track shipments?

On-board courier companies utilize various technologies to track shipments and provide real-time updates to clients. These technologies include:

1. GPS Tracking: On-board couriers often carry GPS-enabled devices, such as smartphones or dedicated tracking devices. These devices enable them to send their precise location information to the company's tracking system, allowing clients to monitor the progress of their shipments in real-time.

2. Mobile Apps: Many on-board courier companies offer mobile applications for their clients. These apps provide functionalities such as package tracking, delivery status updates, and estimated arrival times. Clients can access these features conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

3. Web-Based Tracking Systems: On-board courier companies usually provide web-based tracking systems on their websites. Clients can log in to these systems using unique tracking numbers or order references to check the current status of their shipments, including pickup, transit, and delivery information.

4. Electronic Confirmation: On-board couriers often use electronic confirmation methods to update the status of packages. This can include scanning barcodes, QR codes, or using digital signature capture devices. These confirmations are then transmitted in real-time to the company's tracking system, allowing clients to stay updated on the progress of their shipments.

5. Email and SMS Notifications: On-board courier companies frequently send automatic email or SMS notifications to clients at different stages of the shipment process. These notifications can include pickup confirmation, transit updates, delivery attempts, and final delivery confirmation. Clients can opt to receive these notifications to stay informed and manage their expectations.

Overall, the goal of these tracking and monitoring systems is to provide clients with transparency and peace of mind by proactively communicating the progress of their shipments and allowing them to track the delivery process in real-time.

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