How does an on board courier company handle international shipments?

An on board courier (OBC) company handles international shipments by following a set of processes and regulations involved in transporting goods across borders. The steps typically include:

1. Document Preparation: The OBC company ensures that all necessary documents, such as commercial invoices, packing lists, and customs declarations, are accurately prepared for the shipment. These documents provide vital information about the goods being transported, their value, and the parties involved in the transaction.

2. Customs Compliance: The OBC company ensures that the shipment complies with both export and import regulations of the countries involved. This includes adhering to restrictions on certain goods, obtaining necessary licenses or permits, and ensuring compliance with customs procedures, such as properly classifying the goods and calculating the applicable duties and taxes.

3. Transportation Arrangements: The OBC company arranges for the pick-up of the goods from the shipper's location and organizes their transportation to the destination country. This can involve coordinating with airlines, shipping companies, and other logistics providers to ensure the smooth movement of the shipment.

4. Courier Escort: In many cases, an on board courier accompanies the shipment during its transit to provide additional security and ensure a fast and reliable delivery. The courier may carry the goods as accompanied baggage or use specialized courier services offered by airlines.

5. Monitoring and Tracking: Throughout the transportation process, the OBC company closely monitors the movement of the shipment and provides real-time updates to both the shipper and the recipient. This allows for transparency and enables quick response in case of any issues or delays.

6. Customs Clearance: Upon arrival in the destination country, the OBC company facilitates the customs clearance process. This involves presenting the required documents, paying any applicable duties or taxes, and complying with customs formalities to obtain the necessary clearance for the goods to enter the country legally.

It is essential for an OBC company to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in international trade regulations to ensure a smooth and compliant transportation process. They must keep up with ever-changing customs regulations and have established relationships with customs authorities worldwide to facilitate the efficient movement of goods across borders.

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