How do On Board Courier services handle unexpected events such as natural disasters or strikes?

On Board Courier (OBC) services have well-defined contingency plans and procedures in place to handle unexpected events such as natural disasters or strikes. These plans ensure that they are able to fulfill their commitment of prompt delivery despite such circumstances. Here are a few ways OBC services manage unforeseen events:

1. Continuously monitoring global situations: OBC services stay well-informed about international news and events that might impact their operations. They monitor factors like weather patterns, political unrest, strikes, or other events that could disrupt transportation routes.

2. Alternative routing and transportation modes: In the event of a natural disaster or strike, OBC services evaluate alternative routes and transportation modes to ensure a prompt delivery. They might reroute couriers or switch to different transportation types like air, sea, or land to avoid affected areas.

3. Coordination with local agents: OBC services collaborate with a network of local agents worldwide to gather timely and accurate information about unexpected events. These agents provide insights on ground situations, transportation conditions, and potential alternative routing options.

4. Real-time communication and tracking: OBC services maintain constant communication with their couriers using technologies like mobile apps, GPS, and satellite tracking. This helps in monitoring the location of couriers, identifying potential disruptions, and quickly devising alternative plans.

5. Customer communication and advisory: In the event of unforeseen circumstances affecting a delivery schedule, OBC services promptly communicate with customers, keeping them informed about potential delays. They provide alternative options and ensure transparency in managing the situation.

6. Redundancy and backup plans: OBC services maintain redundancy in their operations, including backup couriers and contingency transportation options. This allows them to swiftly adapt to unexpected events and ensure prompt delivery.

7. Insurance coverage: OBC services often provide insurance coverage for the goods being transported, which mitigates risks associated with unexpected events. In case of any loss or damage, the insurance coverage provides financial protection for the customers.

By implementing these contingency plans and procedures, On Board Courier services strive to deliver goods promptly despite natural disasters, strikes, or any other unexpected events that may arise. These measures enable them to effectively manage disruptions and ensure the safe and timely delivery of consignments.

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