How do On Board Courier services handle situations where packages require additional security clearance?

When packages require additional security clearance, On Board Courier (OBC) services follow specific procedures to handle such situations. These procedures ensure the safe transportation of the package while complying with security protocols. Here is how OBC services typically handle packages that raise security concerns and require additional clearance:

1. Initial Screening: Before accepting any package, OBC services conduct an initial screening of the shipment. This may involve reviewing shipment details, consignee information, and any specific instructions provided by the client. Any potential security concerns are identified during this phase.

2. Communication with Sender: If the initial screening reveals any potential security issues, the OBC service contacts the sender to gather additional information or clarify any doubts. This helps them understand the nature of the package and any precautions that need to be taken for its clearance.

3. Verification of Documentation: OBC services ensure that all necessary documentation, such as invoices, customs documents, and permits, is complete and accurate. They carefully review these documents to verify their authenticity and compliance with international regulations.

4. Liaising with Authorities: In cases where additional security clearance is required, OBC services directly communicate with the relevant authorities at departure and destination airports. They provide them with all the necessary information about the package to obtain clearance from security agencies and customs authorities.

5. Tracking Updates: OBC services use advanced tracking systems to monitor the movement of the package at all stages of the transportation process. This allows them to keep the sender informed about the progress and any potential delays caused by security clearances.

6. Secure Handling: Packages requiring additional security clearance are handled with utmost care by OBC services. They follow strict security protocols, including employing trained personnel, using tamper-evident packaging, and storing packages in secure facilities when necessary.

7. Compliance with Regulations: OBC services ensure full compliance with local and international regulations regarding security clearances. They stay updated with the latest security requirements and adapt their procedures accordingly to meet these standards.

8. Timely Delivery: Despite additional security clearance, OBC services strive to maintain the agreed-upon delivery timeline. They work closely with the authorities involved to expedite the clearance process while ensuring the safety of the package.

Overall, On Board Courier services have established protocols to handle situations where packages require additional security clearance. Their emphasis is on complying with regulations, maintaining the security of the package, and delivering it within the designated timeframe.

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