Can On Board Courier services arrange for a dedicated courier for specific clients or shipments?

Yes, On Board Courier (OBC) services can arrange for dedicated couriers for specific clients or shipments. These services understand the importance of secure and time-critical deliveries and offer exclusive courier services to meet the specific needs of their clients.

By providing dedicated couriers, OBC services ensure that the same courier is assigned to handle a client's shipment from start to finish. This allows for more personalized and efficient service, as the courier becomes familiar with the client's requirements, preferences, and the specific details of their shipment.

Dedicated couriers are typically experienced professionals who specialize in handling urgent and valuable shipments. They are trained in secure handling and are well-versed in the necessary customs procedures for international deliveries.

Having a dedicated courier can offer several advantages. These include enhanced security, as the client has full control over who handles their shipment throughout the entire delivery process. It also ensures priority treatment, as the courier is devoted solely to the clients' needs and doesn't have to handle multiple shipments simultaneously.

Overall, dedicated couriers provided by On Board Courier services enable a higher level of customization, security, and efficiency for specific clients or shipments that require exclusive attention.

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