What measures are taken by On Board Courier services to prevent loss or theft of packages?

On Board Courier services have various measures in place to prevent loss or theft of packages. Some of the security protocols and technologies employed by these services to minimize the risk include:

1. Background checks: On Board Courier services conduct thorough background checks on their employees to ensure their reliability and trustworthiness. This helps in preventing any potential internal thefts.

2. GPS tracking: Many On Board Courier services use GPS technology to track the location of the courier throughout the entire transit process. This allows for real-time monitoring and provides an added layer of security to the packages.

3. Tamper-proof packaging: Packages are often sealed with tamper-evident materials to ensure that any unauthorized attempts to access or tamper with the contents are immediately apparent. This discourages theft and provides evidence of any tampering.

4. Secure handling and storage: On Board Courier services maintain secure handling and storage of packages throughout the transit process. This includes secure storage facilities, restricted access areas, and controlled handling procedures to minimize the risk of loss or theft.

5. Chain of custody procedures: On Board Courier services employ strict chain of custody procedures to ensure accountability at every stage of the delivery process. This includes detailed documentation and verification of package transfers, ensuring that there is a clear record of who had custody of the package at all times.

6. Insurance coverage: Many On Board Courier services offer insurance coverage for the packages they transport. This provides financial protection in the event of any loss or theft, further incentivizing the service to prioritize the security of the packages.

7. Trained personnel: On Board Courier services train their personnel to handle packages securely and follow specific procedures to minimize the risk of loss or theft. This includes training on secure handling, safe transportation, and maintaining strict adherence to security protocols.

By combining these various security protocols and technologies, On Board Courier services aim to minimize the risk of package loss or theft and ensure the secure transit of valuable items.

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