How do On Board Courier services handle unexpected issues such as flight delays or cancellations?

On Board Courier (OBC) services are professional logistics providers that specialize in hand-carrying time-sensitive and valuable goods on commercial flights. They follow specific procedures to deal with unexpected issues such as flight delays or cancellations.

1. Constant Communication: OBC service providers maintain constant communication with the courier and the recipient of the shipment to ensure they are aware of any changes or disruptions related to the flight. They use various communication channels like phone calls, emails, or text messages to keep everyone informed.

2. Quick Reaction: In the event of a flight delay or cancellation, OBC services quickly react to find alternative flights or routes to meet the delivery deadline. They have access to real-time flight information, enabling them to reschedule or reroute the shipment efficiently.

3. Expert Knowledge: OBC providers have extensive knowledge about airlines, flight schedules, and alternative routes. They utilize this knowledge to assess the fastest available options and select an alternative flight, ensuring minimum disruption to the delivery process.

4. Alternative Airports: When faced with unexpected disruptions, OBC services may consider routing the courier through an alternative airport. This allows them to reach the destination using a different airline or flight route, maintaining the time-sensitive aspect of the service.

5. User Priority: OBC providers leverage their relationships with airlines to ensure the courier is given priority on alternative flights. This helps to minimize delivery delays and ensures that the shipment remains on track as much as possible.

6. Constant Monitoring: Throughout the entire transit, OBC services continuously monitor the progress of the courier and stay updated on any new developments or changes. This enables them to react promptly to unexpected issues and adjust the plan accordingly.

7. Insurance Coverage: OBC providers often offer insurance coverage for the goods being transported. This helps to mitigate any risks associated with flight delays or cancellations, ensuring that the value of the shipment is protected.

Overall, On Board Courier services have well-established procedures to handle unexpected disruptions during transit. Their expertise, constant communication, quick reactions, knowledge of alternative routes, and insurance coverage all contribute to effectively managing and resolving any issues that may arise.

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