Are there any restrictions on banned or prohibited items that cannot be sent through an On Board Courier service?

Yes, there are restrictions on banned or prohibited items that cannot be sent through an On Board Courier (OBC) service. OBC services ensure efficient and secure transportation of goods, but they have certain limitations to comply with safety regulations and international laws.

Common prohibited items for transportation by OBC services include:

1. Hazardous materials: These include explosives, flammable gases, corrosives, oxidizers, radioactive materials, infectious substances, and toxic substances. Such items are considered dangerous and pose a risk to the safety of the courier, plane, and other passengers.

2. Firearms and ammunition: Weapons, firearms, and ammunition are typically prohibited due to security reasons. They require special permits and are subject to specific regulations for transport.

3. Perishable goods: OBC services focus on speed and efficiency, making them unsuitable for transporting perishable items like fresh food or certain medicines that require controlled temperatures.

4. Live animals: OBC services do not transport live animals as they require appropriate handling, care, and specific conditions during transportation.

5. Counterfeit items: Sending counterfeit goods, such as fake branded products, is illegal and therefore prohibited.

6. Illegal substances: Transporting illegal drugs, narcotics, or any controlled substances is strictly prohibited.

7. Restricted or regulated goods: Certain items like alcohol, tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, and firearms parts may require specific licenses, permits, or additional paperwork, making them subject to restrictions.

It is crucial to consider these restrictions and clarify with the OBC service provider regarding any specific items before sending a shipment. Non-compliance with these regulations may lead to legal consequences and potential harm.

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