How does the On Board Courier service differ from regular courier services?

The On Board Courier (OBC) service differs significantly from regular courier services in several ways. Firstly, an OBC service involves the transportation of urgent or time-sensitive items via a dedicated courier who personally accompanies the consignment throughout its journey. In contrast, regular courier services typically involve goods being transported by various means, such as vehicles, airplanes, or shipping containers, without personal supervision.

One key characteristic of the OBC service is its speed and efficiency. The courier is responsible for ensuring the fastest possible delivery, often taking the most direct routes and arranging immediate connections between flights or other transportation modes. In contrast, regular courier services may have fixed schedules and may not prioritize time-sensitive deliveries.

Another advantage of using an OBC service is the level of security and reliability it offers. Given the courier's personal supervision, the risk of loss, damage, or theft during transit is greatly reduced. Additionally, OBC services often utilize real-time tracking and proactive communication, providing customers with updates on the shipment's progress and allowing them to closely monitor its journey.

Moreover, OBC services are known for their flexibility. They can accommodate various types of shipments, including fragile, perishable, high-value, or confidential items. Couriers are trained to handle special requirements or customs procedures, ensuring that the consignments reach their destination smoothly.

Having a dedicated courier for each shipment also allows for personalized customer service. Clients can communicate directly with the on-board courier, addressing any concerns or queries throughout the entire transportation process. This level of direct communication sets the OBC service apart from regular courier services, which often involve middlemen or customer support systems.

In summary, the On Board Courier service distinguishes itself from regular courier services through its personalized, secure, and prompt handling of urgent or time-sensitive shipments, with dedicated couriers accompanying items from pick-up to delivery. The OBC service offers increased speed, reliability, security, flexibility, and direct communication, making it an ideal choice for critical shipments.

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