What is an On Board Courier service?

An On Board Courier (OBC) service is a specialized logistics solution that involves the hand-carry transport of time-sensitive and valuable goods by a dedicated courier. The primary purpose of an OBC service is to ensure the secure and expedited delivery of critical items, often within the shortest possible timeframe.

Key aspects of On Board Courier services include:

1. Dedicated Courier:

Unlike traditional shipping methods, OBC services assign a dedicated courier to hand-carry the shipment from the point of origin to the final destination. This courier personally accompanies the goods throughout the entire journey.

2. Time-Sensitivity:

OBC services are particularly suitable for shipments that require urgent and time-critical delivery. This can include important documents, medical supplies, prototypes, or any other items with stringent delivery deadlines.

3. Global Reach:

OBC services are designed for international shipments, and the dedicated courier typically travels on commercial flights to reach the destination. This global reach allows for rapid cross-border deliveries.

4. Security and Tracking:

Due to the high value and urgency of the items being transported, OBC services prioritize security. Couriers are equipped with tracking systems, and stringent security measures are in place to safeguard the integrity of the goods.

5. Customs Expertise:

OBC services are well-versed in navigating customs procedures and international regulations. This expertise ensures smooth clearance of shipments through customs checkpoints, minimizing delays.

6. Personalized Service:

OBC providers offer a personalized and tailored service to meet the unique requirements of each shipment. This can include special handling instructions, specific delivery windows, and other customized solutions.

7. Real-Time Monitoring:

Customers can often track their shipments in real-time, receiving updates on the courier's location and the estimated time of arrival. This transparency is crucial for clients with time-sensitive deliveries.

8. Documentation Handling:

OBC services manage all necessary documentation, including customs paperwork, to facilitate the smooth transit of shipments across borders. This helps in avoiding delays and ensuring compliance with international regulations.

In summary, an On Board Courier service is a premium logistics solution designed for urgent and high-value shipments, offering personalized and secure hand-carry transport with a dedicated courier.

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