OBC (On-Board Courier) transportation refers to a specialize…

OBC (On-Board Courier) transportation refers to a specialized and expedited shipping service where a courier physically accompanies a shipment on a commercial airline. This service is often used for high-value, time-sensitive, or critical items that require secure and rapid delivery.

In OBC transportation:

1. Hand-Carry Service: A dedicated courier personally carries the shipment from the point of origin to the destination.

2. Secure Handling: The courier ensures the security and integrity of the shipment throughout the entire journey, providing a high level of chain of custody.

3. Speed and Urgency: OBC services are known for their speed and ability to meet tight deadlines. Couriers often take the next available flight to expedite the delivery process.

4. Global Coverage: OBC transportation can be arranged for international shipments, allowing for swift delivery across borders.

OBC service is commonly used for transporting critical documents, sensitive materials, prototypes, or other valuable items that require special attention and immediate delivery. The personal involvement of the courier helps minimize the risks associated with traditional shipping methods and ensures a higher level of control and security.

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