How do on board courier companies manage last-minute or urgent shipments?

On board courier companies have established procedures and priorities in place to effectively manage last-minute or urgent shipments. These procedures typically ensure that time-sensitive deliveries are handled with utmost priority and efficiency. Here are some common steps followed:

1. Immediate Response: When a last-minute or urgent shipment requirement arises, on board courier companies respond promptly to assess the feasibility and requirements of the delivery. They gather essential details such as origin, destination, shipment size, urgency, and any special handling instructions.

2. Dedicated Staff: To handle time-sensitive deliveries efficiently, on board courier companies often have dedicated staff or teams experienced in handling urgent shipments. These teams are trained to handle all aspects of the process efficiently and swiftly.

3. Contact with Courier Network: On board courier companies maintain a wide network of couriers and logistics partners to expedite urgent shipments. They reach out to this network to find the most suitable courier who can be quickly deployed to pick up and deliver the shipment.

4. Documentation and Clearance: On board courier companies assist in handling all required documentation and customs clearance processes. They gather necessary information from the shipper and receiver to ensure smooth and quick customs processing, minimizing delays.

5. Tracking and Monitoring: Once the shipment is in progress, on board courier companies closely monitor and track the courier's movement to ensure its on-time delivery. They utilize real-time tracking systems and maintain regular communication with the courier to promptly address any potential issues.

6. Priority Boarding and Hand-Carry: To expedite the shipment, on board courier companies often arrange for priority boarding services. This allows the courier to take the package as hand-carry luggage, ensuring minimal handling, no delays, and immediate attention throughout the journey.

7. Direct Delivery: On board courier companies prioritize direct deliveries without any stopovers or delays. They manage all necessary logistics to ensure the quickest and most direct transportation path for urgent shipments.

8. Continuous Communication: Throughout the process, on board courier companies maintain continuous communication with all involved parties – the shipper, receiver, courier, and any relevant authorities. This helps provide regular updates, address any concerns, and make necessary adjustments to ensure successful and on-time delivery.

By following these procedures and prioritizing effective communication and logistics, on board courier companies can successfully manage last-minute or urgent shipments with speed and accuracy.

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